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Well, before we go there are loads of things that we need to do such as: -

  • Sell House - Change of Plan, we're now going to Rent the House - DONEish
  • Buy a flat - No Longer Required
  • Get Vaccinated - DONE
  • Get New Passports- DONE
  • Get Visas - DONE
  • Sell our fleet of vehicles (sob, sob!) - DONE
  • Oh! buy tickets- DONE
  • And loads of other things we haven't even thought of yet!

Sell House - DONE(ish)

Well that's the first thing on the list of things to do. 
It's up for sale so fingers crossed our beautiful little cottage sells!

Anyone want to buy a house?

01/08/06 :  Well slight change of plan.  Apparently the good people of Dorking do not recognise a prime piece of real estate when they see one! 
                   As we haven't sold the house yet, we've decided that we don't have time to sell the house, buy a flat and get tenants installed. 
                   Therefore we've decided to rent the house out instead, so the house is now off the market.

04/09/06 :    Instructed the estate agents to rent the house.

08/09/06 :   We've had the first people round to view the house for Rental

09/09/06 :   People who saw the house really like it and want to rent it.  Why wasn't selling that easy?

22/10/06 :   We moved out of our house and muscled our way into Jo & Martin's, where we will be squatting
                    for the next two weeks.

23/10/06 :   Tenants moved into our house.

Buy a flat - Not for another 20 months or so!
Ahh!  We've got an good excuse for not having done this yet.  We want to sell the house and have the money in our grubby little hands before we buy our flat! 

As we're not selling the house for the moment this will have to wait until we get back.

Get Vaccinated - DONE
Well, we're partially vaccinated.  We're now jabbed up for......

  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Diptheria
  • Polio
  • Yellow Fever

But, we've still got to have two boosters for Hep B (one a month).
14/07/06 :  Next booster is booked 2/8/6 .
02/08/06 :  Booster number 2 complete.
15/08/06 :  Final Booster is on the 5th September.
05/09/06 :  Final Hep B booster received.

Also if we want to be vaccinated against Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis we have to go to the Gatwick Medical Centre and pay about 200 each.  So we'll think about that, maybe we'll just avoid all animals (including humans), that are foaming at the mouth - mind you, means we might have to leave a lot of bars!

Get New Passports - DONE
24/07/06 :   Graham has applied for his passport and new driving license (at long last he's foregoing his    
                  paper license to join the rest of us with the photocard ones).
25/07/06 :   Katrina sent off for her passport today - in her married name! (only taken three and a half years,
                  but previous passport photo was actually quite nice, so didn't really want to replace it).
03/08/06 :   Graham's passport has arrived.
09/08/06     Katrina's passport has arrived. 

Get Visas - DONE
Well the Indian visa which we need first only last six months from the day of issue, so we're not going to get them until just before we go.

Most of the other visa's you can get as you go, and if we can't we may have a long detour!

01/11/06 :   Got up at a ridiculously early hour of the moring to get the 06:45 train so we could stand in the freezing cold outside the Indian
                  Embassy.  However, WE HAVE VISA's!!!!!!

Sell our fleet of vehicles - DONE
Yes!   Soon!      well soonish!

And a caveat to the above is that we're not selling Rupert or the Monkey bike.
We are selling / going to sell: -

  • Mitsubishi FTO Mivec all boyed up (Katrina's Car) - DONE
  • BMW 528i Touring (Graham's Panzer Wagen) - DONE
  • GSXR 1000 - Beautiful (Graham's Pride & Joy) - DONE
  • Honda Fireblade - Rossi Rep cool, but owned by Katrina so not in such good nick as the GSXR!
  • Trashed Gilera SP-180 (when it was whole did 0-60 in 5 seconds - Shame it's not still in one piece!)
  • KTM 450EXC (Graham's off-road lunacy) - DONE

Mitsubishi FTO
14/07/06 :   Well Katrina's car is now up for sale, just waiting for that buyer......
17/07/06 :   Buyer located, waiting for the money.
19/07/06 :   Money received, car gone.

Katrina car 008.jpg (348456 bytes)

18/07/06 :   I've had to remove all sharp objects from the Kitchen!!!!!!!!
                 Graham decided to forego the hassle of selling his bikes privately (too much heartache!), and has agreed to flog them to a dealer.  The
                 KTM went today, Suzuki tomorrow.  

motorbikes 010.jpg (400649 bytes)


Suzuki GSXR 1000
19/07/06:   Graham's pride and joy is gone!
                  The deed is done!  Gixer gone, no more 186mph restriction, only the Monkey Bike for solace.

motorbikes 003.jpg (391576 bytes)

Honda Fireblade
07/10/06 :    Put the Fireblade back to standard in readiness to sell (i.e. put standard exhaust pipe back on, took off power commander and steering
                  damper). Now it is really quiet - doesn't sound or feel like my bike anymore!

08/10/06 :    Left it at Boxhill with a for sale sign, but to no avail!

11/10/06 :   I've been checking out e-bay and bikes are going for good prices (from the sellers point of view) So I'm going to put it on e-bay
                  tomorrow (need to take some pictures).

12/10/06 :   Doh! Selling the Fireblade has had a slight set-back.  I had a white van interface and bike is now a bit worse for ware!

26/10/06 :   Apparently the Blade is toast!  (I don't do stuff by halves!).  Just waiting to get a write-off value from the insurers.

30/10/06 :   Write-off value received from the Insurance company, however cheque won't arrive until after we've gone - Doh!  Never mind
                  Mother-in-law to the rescue (Thanks Meike!)

BMW 528i Touring
07/10/06:   Graham removed all of the Sat Nav and super duper stereo, base box etc and replaced with the standard BMW stuff, ready for sale.

18/10/06 :   Buyer found (allegedly) for BMW.

03/11/06 :   Well the buyer appears to have been abducted by aliens. She's returned the odd phone call (just enough to reassure that she was
                   interested), then nothing since last week.  So it's now too late to advertise the car - isn't that considerate.
04/11/06 :    Graham's car has sold!!!!!!
                   Pete is a very happy bunny!

Gilera SP-180
22/10/06:   Didn't quite get round to selling it.  Instead it is stored away ready to keep us entertained when we get back.

Buy tickets & Insurance - DONE
Later!  We think what we're going to do is buy the tickets as we go along.  After all round the world tickets only last a year, which isn't long enough.  Also we're not taking many flights, mainly overland so......

But on the other hand, maybe we'll look into round the world tickets, they might do extensions?

28/08/06 :   We bought our flights to Delhi today.  We're leaving from Heathrow on the 5th November!  We've
                  decided to buy all of our other tickets as we go.

31/10/06 :   Travel insurance purchased (had put a witty comment about medical expenses, but that seemed
                  too much like tempting fate).

Other Stuff

14/10/06 :   60,000 Rupee deposit paid for Enfield !

Set Up web site: YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!  Done, well sort of.
Other Stuff that we haven't thought of yet.


Pre-Travel Blog

Well this is our log of current updates and what we're doing - Pre travel.

04/11/06 : We're having a bit of a leaving do which involves lots of alcohol, friends and Guy Fawkes.  In fact we're sitting here updating the web-site drinking champers (oh the hardship!).
Today was allegedly the day that the car was supposed to be collected by the buyer, but she's disappeared off the face of the planet - nice of her and such good timing! 
But then Sir Pete came riding (on the train) to the rescue.   He turned up today and said "Well I'll have it" (after getting agreement from her on high). So Hurrah! Car is sold and Pete is a happy, wheeled up bunny.

03/11/06 : Updated web-site!  you may have noticed (but probably not) that the day countdown has skipped a few days (4), due to us being sooo busy doing 'stuff' that we've neglected our web-site.  But hopefully we've completed most things, we just need to pack - oh and sell Graham's car.

01/11/06 : We had to get the 06:45 train up to London to get our visa's.  Which meant that we got to India House for about 07:45 .  Then queued outside in temperatures which felt like -40c (well about 2c) and two hours later walked out with our nice shiny new Indian visa's (Wooo Hooo!).
Then preceded to 'shop til we dropped' in London buying all of those necessary last minute items, like socks!

31/10/06 : We bought travel insurance today - so that's another item ticked on the 'to do' list.

30/10/06 : Hey we bought crash helmets (of the lovely open faced variety!).

28/10/06 : Graham paid for our squatting rights by helping lay a new floor in the loo.

27/10/06 : Katrina got her hair cut in readiness for travelling, photographed various items to sell on ebay, made Lasagne (nothing to do with traveling).

26/10/06 : Changed the count down to 'Days' that means that we'll be updating our 'Current Blog' daily with all of the inane stuff we're doing.

25/10/06 : And Breathe!
We're both completely knackered!
We both finished work last Friday (20th); Packed up the house and moved out on Sunday 22nd; Flew to Marseille on the 23rd (at stupid o'clock in the morning) to see Katrina's parents and  Graham's out-laws; Flew back again  today at an equally stupid time in the morning (all in the name of cheap flights).
But on the bright side that's most of the hardwork done.  All we need to do in the next 10 days is sell Graham's car, sort out Katrina's Fireblade, buy insurance, get visa's and pack.

15/10/06 :Another busy weekend.  We move out next weekend so have to get a move on!
We've continued packing everything up - charity are doing really well out of us (5 bags!).
However, all of this has been hampered just a bit 'cause Katrina has a broken thumb, due to an inability to stay upright on her Fireblade when interfacing with a white van. 
Oh and almost forgot we've paid our deposit for the Enfield - Woo Hoo!

09/10/06 : We've had a really busy weekend and done lots of stuff. 
Signed tennancy agreement and took it back to the estate agents - so it's all done.
Fireblade was made ready for sale, although it's now the wrong time of year to sell a motorbike! 
Graham removed his Sat Nav and stereo from his car, so now all it needs is a service and that can be sold.
Tarted up the house a bit.
And went to the dump!  A lot! 
We're been to the dump so many times now that the manager (aka Stig) came over to find out what we were doing (thought we were trade and trying to get rid of our rubbish for free).  Graham put him right, then tried to sell him his car!

01/10/06 : OCTOBER!!  How can it be October already!
Well, we did a car boot sale today. 
Possibly a rainy wet day in October is not the best time to get up at 6:30 to stand in a car park selling you wares!  However, we did have a cunning ploy - we borrowed a gazebo frame (thank you Jo & Martin) and put a tarpaulin over the top.  This meant that when it started to rain, lots of people became very interested in our stuff.

29/09/06 : Well having cleared through the loft I realised that my kitchen needs clearing too.  So have been on a mission to not buy any more groceries, so that we eat the contents of the freezer and cupboards.  This does mean that our meals have become more creative.  Last night I cooked homemade pizza's, but it was only after I'd made the dough that I realised I didn't have any tomatoes, tomato puree or tins of tomatoes to make pizza, I did however have a one person portion of Chicken Korai that I had previously frozen.  Needless to say the pizza was a triumph!

24/09/06 : It's getting really close now! 
Everything has moved up a gear - you can tell by the odd freak-out of:
"Oh my God!  There's so much to do, we'll never get it done in time"
followed by the just as excitable:
"Ahhhh!!!! Only a few more weeks and we'll be in India - Can't wait, we're so excited!!!"

Anyway, we've had what seems a really busy week.  We've cleared everything out of the attic and sorted it into 'Keep', 'Sell' and 'Junk'.  Most of the 'Junk' pile (read mountain - I didn't know we    had so much cr*p!) has been taken to the dump.  We're planning on doing a 'Car Boot' sale next weekend to try and sell stuff, but I don't know how successful we will be.
Also been searching the internet for travel insurance.  Seems that most policies are for a year maximum - how ridiculous!

12/09/06 : We've reserved a room at a hotel in Delhi for 3 nights.  It's not just a double room, but a luxury one!  Which means you get carpet and pipe music!  All for 5 per night.

09/09/06 : Tenants found (allegedly) for our house.

05/09/06 : Whey Hey!  We're all jabbed up!  Just had the last of our Hep B shots!

03/09/06 : Katrina did a practice pack of her rucksack.  Managed to get everything in and had room to spare (must have forgotten something!).  Weighed 12kg.

30/08/06 : Graham's International Driving  Permit arrives.

28/08/06 : Tickets to Delhi purchased!!!!
Official start date of our grand adventure is 5th November, 2006

15/08/06 : Final booster booked.

09/08/06 : Katrina now has her new passport.

03/08/06 : It's official - Graham is a GIT!
I (Katrina) got a phone call at work today from said Git person saying
"Do you fancy going to Amsterdam this weekend?"
To which I replied "Yeah OK, what's the occasion?"
"Oh Nothing special - I have a passport, do you?" (B@st*rd).

02/08/06 : Had our second Hep B booster today (Not Diptheria - got confused due to the amount of drugs we're pumping into our bodies!)

25/07/06 : Katrina sent off for a new passport (get it before the biometric ones happen - urrgghhh retina scans, DNA and inside leg measurements).

24/07/06 : Graham sent off for a new passport & driving license today.

19/07/06 : Strange how things happen THREE of our fleet of vehicles have departed in two Days.
Graham is INCONSOLABLE!!!!!! TheGixer is Gone.            
FTO went today - Sayonara Mitsi!

18/07/06 : Graham is NOT happy!
First of his bikes has been sold - Bye bye KTM! 

17/07/06 : Buyer for FTO found.

14/07/06 : Well our latest updates are that we've booked our diptheria booster (1st one) for 2nd August. 
Can't wait...not!
Katrina's car up for sale (advertised in Autotrader).