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Photo Album - Pre-Sept 07



Vietnam    China    Nepal    India *  

(July-August 07)

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Hoi An
Bit of a come down from the Enfield, but it's probably just as fast and definitely more reliable! Our little house in Hoi An Home for a month.  Katrina has even learnt to cook using chopsticks (only implements supplied) Traditional group playing at Hoi An's monthly festival and dancers The kids heard Garry Glitter might be in town Hoi An at night Even at night you hear the cry of "Boat Trip?"  After 9mths away from home Graham decides it's time for a bath Chinese temple in Hoi An Fishing boats Such a busy beach ! Graham trying to look cool After 2 bottles of Gin Graham can still work his camera - GIT!!! For anyone who's played "Dead or Alive" DSC03020.JPG (437687 bytes) Why peddle when someone can push you? These guys were carving this for a couple of weeks This is real rain

Another statue in the park Obligatory statue of Lenin Our first modelling contract - we were paid in beer to appear in a new restaurants publicity shots! Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum, which was never open! Katrina risking jail by giving a guard a hard time 'cause the mausoleum is always closed - she's also stood on the wrong side of the white line on the road, also a jailable offence! Hanoi Palace These guys are all professional football players, playing for various Vietnamese teams and they're all at least 6'4".Lake in Hanoi, apparently turtles live in there  

Halong Bay
Halong Bay, which has thousands of these little islands Only one island is inhabited and it's none of these Now these are real house boats! Just how cool is that? Lots of Junks (boats) moored up at the "Amazing Cave"

Pig delivery! Sapa - hill station in Vietnam, which is much cooler than places at lower elevations Hill tribe girls, wearing their everyday gear View from our hotel windon - It's alright I spose!


(June 07)

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One of the four Dali Gate Houses South Gate Pretty Street Standard "Bottomless" toddler get-up.  No nappies once you're mobile Traditional looking buildings - mainly 'cause the tourists like them like that!

Xi'an (Terracotta Warriors)
Bell Tower, which has now become a roundabout The Drum Tower - one of the few old buildings left in Xi'an One of the many shopping malls at night Us at the 'Cottas' 'Archer Cotta' - All of the statues are 1.8m in hight (but not when kneeling of course).  That's taller than most Chinese today. Check out the different faces and costumes Corrr! There must be an army down there

Huanglongxi (The film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" was filmed in this ancient village, also place of pilgrimage for old ladies to pray for grandchildren)
Huanglongxi - where "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" was filmed, as demonstrated by Graham
Street in Huanglongxi - you can see how easy it must be to jump from roof to roof (NOT) Huanglongxi stepping stones Temple in Huanglongxi Huanglongxi main square

GIANT PANDA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Panda doing what Panda's do best - EAT! Awwwww, how can something that weighs 100kgs be sooo cute? This panda cub, not surprisingly was called Pete Even the cubs do Tai Chi in the mornings Ahhh Grathhopper! Fighting cubs Cute cubs up to their panda business One of these is a heavy weight mammal, the other is a panda!

Mount Everest, from the plane to China
Lhasa Valley Tibet from the Airport Chengdu by night - Illuminated bridges Sichuan Hotpot - those are chillies floating in the oil!

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(May - June 07)

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Annapurna - Trekking                                                                                                                            
First time walking (but not far) with all of our gear - now we feel like real travellers!
Don't rate the new gardeners! Top of Poon Hill where 'allegedly' you can see the Annapurnas The trek starts out quite lush, green and far! Tonight we have to make it to the village on the otherside of the mountain ridge you can see on the left - That means down to the river and up, up, up!!!!! Graham, suspension bridge, green stuff, need we say more? Wat every house needs to keep its children in order! In the distance Machhapuchhare Mountain (aka Fishtail).  This is a holy mountain, which means it's forbidden to climb, but also to serve / eat mean in it's vicinity. As we get higher the land becomes more rugged and baren View from one of the glaciers we were crossing  Home sweet home at altitude of 4130m, 2degrees C at night and no electricity. Sunrise - I Know it's early, but it was worth it! Machhapuchhare at sunrise Funky sunrise Views from ABC - absolutely breathtaking, as is the altitude! Graham swore the Yeti was THIS wide! Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Us at 4124m Graham and Khim (our SuperGuide) - ABC What a beautiful morning Katrina's looking for her coffee Annapurna 1 from ABC

Street in Thamel - area of Kathmandu Just a cool dragon Buddest monastery hidden away in a courtyard in KTM Lots of buildings have these wooden balconies, most in the same state of repair. Everest flight - plane takes 16 passengers This is as close as we got to Everest (the pointy one)

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(November 06 - April 07)

Tamil Nadu    Kerala    Karnataka    Goa    Northern India

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Tamil Nadu                                                                                                                         

Kanniyakumar - Tip of India Gopura at Meenakshi Temple - Madurai Very colourful, ornate and detailed gopura  

Fruit bats hanging and sqabbling in a tree - during the day which is strange Well we've had monkeys, so why not insects?  Think it might be called the reverse cowgirl! Monkeys, insects and now trees!  Ooooeeerr Mrs!

Nilgiri Railway
Steam engine that took 4:50hr to push us up 1 in 12 hill for 47kms to Ooty (shit place) View of tea plantation from the steam train

It's ginna rain - Doh!  Where are the waterproofs?
A waterfall Man made lake at Kodaikanal - with quite british weather and temperatures (i.e. wet and cold) Graham gets friendly with a cow This is the view from Kodai at 2200m - shate it was cloudy.  Apparently you can see all the way to Madurai 100km away on a clear day

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Lighthouse Beach - Kovalam Lighthouse Beach, without the lighthouse! Fishing off Lighthouse Beach - Kovalam What's he photographing? Miax the Dog - especially for my mother
Varkala Beach Allegedly packaged drinking water!

Backwaters - Alleppey
Damodar - our home for 2 days - Alleppey Manouvering out of dock - yes we're going through there! with a little help from the neighbours lunch on the backwaters - it's a hard life! Duck farmer herding his flock Rajeev - CAptain, owner and designer of Damodar

Sunset from our freebie cruise curtesy of the Taj - Cochin Chinese Fishing Nets - Cochin Anniversary dinner abord the Taj yacht (moored of course) - Cochin 'Special Tea' from Brighton Cafe - Cochin Tame eagle at Brighton Cafe - Cochin

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Jog Falls - highest water falls in India - not very impressive so stayed 20mins and left! Mahoosive Shiva statue in Karnataka

Stall selling water paint, same stuff they chuck at each other during holi Palace Mysore - Katrina for the first time daring to wear her Salwar Kamise Nandi - carved from a single piece of granite in 1659 Demon Mahishasura Bike outside the Mysore palace Katrina posing onthe bike - but it's just for the photo as Graham reckons she's too small to ride the Enfield!  

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Lovely fresh water lake at Hampi
Moran's Shop - which is busy at the moment with Jacque, Moran and Ben Kingfisher communing with a dragon fly Hampi - amazing temples / ruins Hampi - not just ruins but cool landscape too, check out the rocks! Apparently the landscape at Hampi is due to the armies of the monkey kings Bali and Sugriva, throwing the boulders around in a show of strength One by one they are succombing - Met Schwartz and Mona in Palolem and now they have bought an Enfield, who will be next? Scott and Adriaan Cool picture of the broken bridge (Sorry it's the back of your head Adriaan) A Toad Early morning wash The Temple elephant Laxmi has her bath every morning too If the river is good enough for the elephant to wash in, it's good enough for everyone else! More elephant washing, only this times it's on the auto-wash cycle Don't want to get trodden on Some ruin in Hampi, Somewhere can't be far 'cause we cycled there Caught by a school trip Vittal Temple (Katrina's Birthday) Happy Birthday to Meeeee! Really cool tree in the Vittal temple.  It has beautiful white and yello flowers that smell really nice Typical!  (Vittal Temple) Tut Tut! You're sooo naughty Somthings never change Katrina, adroned with two flowers from the tree, supplied by the security guards Katrina lost one of her flowers Awww, he's just a baby, so why does he look over 100yrs old? Graham practicing his bull whispering technique Graham - Messiah to the animals! Hampi Leaving Hampi - And the 2 have become 3.  Scott has also succumbed and bought an Enfield - Soon World domination will be ours HaHaHaaaaaaa!!!!!

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Palolem, our home for 6wks - including Christmas Palolem has really gone to the dogs Christmas day - Roast Duck......Each! Sunset from our room in Palolem - Are you jealous? Andy & Henri - PARTY!  Possibly New Year??? Members of the Full power crew! Henri, Graham and Adriaan - sill maybe New Year (or was it another party - there were quite a few) Graham habitual end of evening look! Oh Dear! Definitely New Years party! And yes! We partied 'til dawn and watched the sun come up - we're NOT old! Graham's Birthday dinner, which included a suprise birthday cake And a liqueur which was nicer than it looks See, wasn't that bad Funky Grrr Katrina ready for action Awwww, the timer works on the camera ok Every town seems to have one of these that they wheel out and decorate for festivals Scotty "Monkey", Adriaan, Moran, Didi, Katrina and Ben Cola Beach - Freshwater lake behind the beach Starting partying early on Patnem beach Ok, how many chickens can you see in the tree???? And we think the trains are crowded

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Northern India                                                

Chandigarh Rock Garden - everything is made from rubbish! See, even the sculptures of people are made from rubbish! Manali - this picture of the Himalaya was taken from our balcony Shimla - previous colonial summer capital C.S. Sidhu - our breakfast host in Sirhind Graham looking cool on the way to Shimla Bike before all of the our other bits completed (Borrowed tank and Seats)

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur.  Observatory built by one of the Raj's just under 300yrs ago.  This is a sun dial, accurate to 2 seconds and about 27m high Katrina standing on a smaller sundial GAlta Monkey Temple - Jaipur Mother and baby at Galta temple I think that maybe monkeys are related to Hampsters (those are whole peanuts!) Family of monkeys - Galta temple, Jaipur

Floating Palace - Udaipur as in James Bond Octapussy Graham enjoying the views Palace - Udaipur Sunrise over Udaipur (must have been taken by Graham as Katrina couldn't possible be up at dawn!) Graham awaiting his next beer in Udaipur Udaipur is so pretty it's full of artists painting or taking photo's

Mandu - lots of deserted temples - Coooool! Deserted, semi-ruined temples - Katrina started thinking she was Lara Croft! Ajanta caves - Those Buddists knewa nice spot when they saw one! Ellora caves.  This cave was carved our in the 8th century Kailash temple hewn out of solid rock, from the top down - estimated 250,000 tonnes of rock removed! Katrina was fed up with being the main attraction at the Kailash temple Vengurla beach, Maharashtra - Beautiful and peaceful Well you have to file your nails somewhere!


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Daisy Coffeegarden - Kodagu: Small coffee plantation in the middle of Kodagu, which offers Homestay.
Dinesh and his family are very friendly and happy to show guests around and explain the coffee production process.  Their house feels quite english cottagey with it's very thick walls and wooden doors.  Homestay means you get to take over the house (they live in another building out the back), but you get three homecooked meals a day and get to see the everyday funning of a small plantation.  For details and contact information see the brochure below:

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Damodar Tours and Travels - Alleppey: Keralan houseboat.  Fit for two people.  Comes with TV, Stereo, AC, all the food you can each and a crew of three.  Beautiful!
Rajeev can be contacted either by phone or email:

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Phone: 098474 28893 (but you need to put the India / Kerala code in when you dial)


Khim "SUPERGUIDE" Bahadur - Nepal: If you're panning a trek in the Annapurna region we would highly recommend Khim as a guide.  He is fully licensed and insured, and will even carry a pack up to 12-15kgs, which meant we didn't have to carry anything (stored the stuff we didn't need in Pokhara, free of charge).

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