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Last Updated 22/10/07: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
(We've split the Photo Album in two - now there is a Pre-September 07 page so hopefully the pages don't take so long to load)

Well we decided after so many years of toil that we owed it to ourselves to have a really long holiday, so that's what we're going to do.  

The Plan.....

So itinerary (vaguely) goes a little something like this, :-

  • Depart November 2006 - DONE
    • 6 months in India - riding around the whole country on our Enfield Bullet - DONE
      However, due to Enfield problems (see Blog) we only made it half way round India in the time.  Therefore we may fly back from Thailand in October  2007 to finish the rest.  If we do it will push out the timing of everything after Thailand - but we'll decide later!  
  • 30/04/07 - fly to Nepal, do a bit of trekking etc (Graham wants to see Everest!) - DONE
  • Sometime in June 2007 depart Nepal for 6months in China and South East Asia - DONE
    • Couple of weeks (maybe a month) panda spotting in China - DONE
    • July 07 Vietnam - DONE
    • August 07 Indonesia (Diving) - DONE
  • September 6 2007 return to Singapore from diving - DONE
    • September - October Malaysia (maybe including Borneo Malaysia where we can use our newly acquired diving skills) - Current
    • November Southern Thailand
    • December fly from Bangkok to India (Maybe the beginning or end of November, depending on whether we meet up with friends in Ko Samui or not)
    • December Collect the Enfield from Delhi then make our way down to Goa
    • December Palolem in Goa for Christmas and New Year
    • January Graham's 40th Birthday in Palolem then after maybe back to Hampi for a couple of weeks
  • February 3rd Fly from Chennai to Perth - Australia
    • February Perth (hopefully get some free accommodation), buy a camper van
    • February - April 08 Drive from Perth to Darwin (clockwise).
    • April fly from Darwin back to Asia (Probably to Ho Chi Minh City)
  • May 2008 Arrive back in Asia
    • May 2008 Finish off Vietnam (Didn't do the south in August)
    • May - June Cambodia
    • June/July Laos (think we can only get a two week visa)
    • July/August Northern Vietnam
  • August / September 2008 Fly from Bangkok back to Darwin Australia
    • September - December 2008 drive from Darwin round to Melbourne finishing off Australia
    • December Fly to New Zealand
    • Home March ????

but as the saying goes 'best laid plans of mice and men.........' 

You can keep up to date with our goings on by checking out our Blog.  We'll be updating it irregularly regularly.